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Pre Formulation

Our Pre-formulation and Formulation Development groups offer an unparalleled level of expertise in the pharmaceutical development. Teams can develop a wide range of conventional and specialized dosage forms including many new and novel technological solutions. Our development expertise can cater to your exclusive needs including sprays, nano based topicals, injectables, oral liquids, powders and more.

Our expertise in various dosage forms:

  • Tablets – Immediate release (coated/uncoated), controlled release, ODT, Chewable, Sublingual, Buccal
  • Capsules – Hard Gelatin Capsules with powder, Granules, Pellets.
  • Liquid Orals – Emulsions, Suspensions, Syrups

We at Lyrus have worked extensively on extemporaneous preparations for pediatric and geriatric usage. We have developed stable formulations of liquid oral in the format of dry powder for reconstitution. Also, stable liquid formulations of products which are currently not available in liquid form. The need for such innovative formulations and dosage forms is to enhance stability, address problems related to degradation and patient’s convenience.

At Lyrus our scientific team has developed novel technologies including lipids, penetration enhancers and dispersants for application in the field of

  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • Gels/Emugels
  • Sprays

Our Primary packaging development team has designed some of our preparations for user-friendly packs like Air-dose pack, Aerosol sprays in Bag on Valve technology for enhanced improvements in cosmetics and medical device with ease for the end users specifically significant to the dermatology segment

Liquid Parenterals – Small volume and Large volume parenterals