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Force C3 TM

Curcuminoids 95% and Turmerones

98x more Bioavailable

Force C3TM provides most convenient delivery system for Curcuminoids and Turmerones in highly water soluble drop format. 95 X Bioavailability of Force C3TM has overcome the challenges and limitations of other curcumin products.

  • A health product made of active ingredients of Curcuma essence, root & extract
  • Highly solubilized form in water 98x more Bioavailable than conventional forms
  • Adjuvant in therapeutic setting- improved benefits in Inflammation, Metabolic Syndrome, Cell Disorders and Immunity
  • Convenient ‘Drops’ form
  • No preservatives and artificial colours- 100% vegan
  • Consume 2-4 drops with milk, water or smoothie for daily antioxidant requirement

The complete goodness of natural Turmeric

Force C3TM -The highly bioavailable and Efficacious Curcumin product